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Limited Edition Beaded Namji Doll in White with Red Necklace


  • This limited edition of Namji dolls is carefully hand-carved and intricately decorated with white beadwork, a red accent necklace, and additional decoration crafted from cowrie shells, rope, and wooden beads. Facial features are created with metal accents. The doll is hand-carved from jacaranda wood, which is treated with a combination of woodsmoke and staining. Please note that the woodsmoke treatment does impart a lingering campfire scent that will dissipate with time.

    Each Namji doll is similar to the photographs, but may vary slightly due the handmade nature of the item. Size: approx 14-15" tall, 5-6" wide, and 3-4" deep. 

  • Namji dolls are carved by an artisan

    Originating from the traditional fertility designs of the Dowayo/ Namji ethnic group in northwest Cameroon, these dolls are handcrafted by artisans from Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo who are currently living as refugees in Nairobi, Kenya and have a loyal following in shops throughout East Africa. 

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