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African Baskets

Fashioning an African basket is no trivial task. Skill from years of practice enables an artisan to transform common strands into a beautifully practical symbol of dedication to progress. Basket weavers pursue their goals stitch-by-stitch. With a keen eye on the world their wages are shaping, weavers show their children that even, measured steps lead to success.

Our handmade African baskets are famous for the quality and beauty. We import woven baskets from five countries in Africa, including Kenya, Senegal, and Ghana. Our large Senegal baskets are often used as laundry hampers and our Ghanaian bolga baskets are used in home decor as well as shopping. Whether you are looking for a lidded African basket or a Senegalese hamper, we are proud to offer fair trade baskets that you will be proud to display in your home.

Many of our baskets complement other design elements in your home, including African kitchen decor and African sculptures. All of our African imports are hand-checked for quality and are ready to enhance your home with handmade, fair trade beauty.