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Crafted in the heart of the Rift Valley, The Leakey Collection's Zulugrass jewelry and cold-pressed Marula Facial Oil uplift rural Maasai communities.




Utilizing remnants of colorful Zulugrass, Maasai artisans are designing one-of-a-kind strands to symbolize the bright futures of educated children. Buy Zulugrass=Educate Kids. The Leakey Collection will donate 100% of their profits from the sales of these bracelets to pay for teachers' salaries in rural Kenya. Each 26" strand is packaged on a special tag explaining how the proceeds will be allocated. Wear it wrapped 3-4 times around your wrist or ankle, or long as a necklace. 

Zulugrass 26" single strands are made from sustainable, natural grass beads. The richly hued grass is dyed with colorfast, low-impact dyes and interspersed with hand-blown Czech glass. Zulugrass is as creative as the individual who wears it!

This bracelet will feature a variety of colors; each one is unique.

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