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South African Zulu Baskets

Handwoven Ukhamba and Izimbenge baskets, handwoven by Zulu weavers in South Africa.




These intricate limited edition Zulu baskets are handcrafted in South Africa using Ilala palm, and banana bark. Featuring a fitted lid and beautiful pattern, each is artfully crafted.

Limited edition. Sold individually, each of these beautiful baskets features the same pattern, but each basket's shape is unique. See photos for reference.

Baskets measure approximately 11-12" D x 13-14" T.

About the Artisans:

These gorgeous baskets are handwoven by women of the Zulu tribe in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Woven primarily by women, Zulu baskets are a traditional handicraft and a reliable source of income for artisans and their families. Handwoven using materials including Ilala palm and ncebe (banana bark), the intricate weave and patterning of the baskets make them both durable and beautiful.


These intricate "izimbenge" baskets are created by Master Zulu weavers in South Africa with strands of repurposed telephone wire. These visually stunning baskets represent a traditional craft updated with modern synthetic materials.

Measures 12.5" diameter x 1" tall. The baskets, hand-woven from telephone wire, a requires several days of labor to create, feature a concave center, and are dense to the touch.

Displayed on a plate holder (not included), the baskets are an attractive accent piece for any home and can also be used for for serveware.

ZenZulu is a South African craft business organized by designer Marisa Fick-Jordaan. Once consisting of only two master weavers, the business taught unemployed women how to bead and weave, with an emphasis on telephone wire. Today, this highly regarded organization ensures sustainable incomes for more than 350 home based craft producers in four different communities.

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