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Handwoven African Hampers

Set of Three Mixed Pattern Blue & White Hampers


  • Discounted as a set, these large African baskets ship nested inside each other. The baskets are woven in rural Senegal using natural grasses and thin strips of plastic. Featuring varying patterns, each set of three is similar to the pictured baskets and yet completely unique.

    These beautifully crafted hampers brighten any room of your home while providing an impressive amount of storage.

    Large: 28"T x 18"D. Medium: 22"T x 16"D. Small: 19-20"T x 13-14"D.  Basket sizes may vary due to the handmade nature of these items.

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Wolof Weavers of Rural Senegal

This coil style of basket weaving has been practiced in Senegal for generations. Traditionally, Wolof women created baskets by binding njodax, a thick local grass, with long strips of reed. Though reed strips could be harvested locally, they were very hard on the hands of the weavers. About 20 years ago, an idea revolutionized Wolof basket weaving. A factory in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, creates mats using plastic strips that strongly resemble the reed strips. Using the plastic strips to replace the sharp natural material, conditions for the weavers drastically improved and the baskets began to burst into vibrant colors.

Since 2008, Swahili has worked with a group of talented Wolof weavers in remote Senegal to design hampers and baskets woven from the salvaged plastic strips and cattail stalks. First introduced by the Peace Corps, Swahili and more than 120 Wolof women prove that cooperative, home-based craft export is an excellent way for rural women to earn fair trade incomes that build healthy communities.

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