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Handwoven African Hampers

Shop our incomparable selection of African hamper baskets, handwoven by talented artisans in Senegal, Kenya, and Ghana.




Bring warm, natural tones into your home with these stunning palm hampers. Sold as a pair of two, each features inset handles and a fitted lid, perfect for hiding what's inside!

In northwestern Kenya, Turkana weavers transform the fronds of doum palm, also known as the gingerbread tree, into gorgeous, 100% natural-fiber storage baskets. The wide, flat palm fronds are woven in a traditional coil method, giving this lidded hamper a smooth finish, pleasing to the touch.

This set includes 2 baskets. Approximate measurements:
[Small] 16"D x 16"T
[Medium] 18"D x 18"T

Arrow designs in chestnut brown are assorted and will vary. Due to the handcrafted nature of these baskets, slight variation is expected. [Click to read our Statement on Handmade Variation]

About the Artisans:

Turkana weavers, handweaving baskets

The Turkana tribe lives in the remote, semi-arid Turkana District in northwest Kenya. Their environment is frequently affected by drought, leading the Turkana people to habitually relocate to seek rain and fresh vegetation. They are pastoralists, relying on cattle for many of their needs. The tribe often travels in small groups to find pasture to sustain their livestock.

Turkana basket weavers are women of the tribe, weaving in the traditional coil method that has been passed down through generations. They weave with gingerbread palm fronds, also called doum palm—a drought-resistant native plant in northern Africa, which also produces edible date fruits.


These hamper baskets are handwoven in Ghana using natural elephant grass, finished with soft leather wrapped around the handle. The baskets are tightly woven and can stand up to years of usage while still remaining beautiful. Like any Bolga basket, this hamper can be rinsed and reshaped with water when needed.

Sold as a set of two hampers.

Large: approximately 18"T x 16"W
Small: 17"T x 14"W

Crafted from: Elephant grass, leather

Made in: Ghana


This useful set of large, open floor baskets is woven in Ghana from tough elephant grass. Each basket includes a set of woven handles for easy transport, nesting together when not in use.

The baskets are tightly woven and can stand up to years of use while still remaining beautiful. Can be rinsed and reshaped with cool water as needed.

Approximate sizes: Medium - 20" wide x 9" tall; Large - 22" wide x 10" tall. Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, size and shape may vary slightly. Read our Statement on Handmade Variation to learn more.


Wolof women in the West African nation of Senegal hand-weave baskets in the traditional coil weaving method, using natural grass. Interweaving colorful strips of plastic, salvaged from a mat factory in Dakar, the weavers brighten up the baskets and create designs.

Cattails grow abundantly in rural Senegal, making this natural grass a sustainable choice. The Wolof women earn a sustainable income from basket weaving, while enriching homes around the world with modern African craftsmanship.

This hamper basket features inset handles and a flat lid.

Dimensions: 14"L x 14"W x 19"H

Crafted from: Typha (cattail) stalks, plastic

Made in: Senegal

Due to the handmade nature of this item, some variation is expected. Read our Statement on Handmade Variation to learn more. Fair trade.

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