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Gifts Under $30

Treat your friends & family to fair trade gifts, handmade by artisans in Africa—all for under $30. Even your budget-friendly gifts can be fair trade!




Kamba artisans in Kenya hand carve this beautifully useful wooden cooking spoon from wild olive wood. The carved cow bone handle features a batik-dyed polka dot pattern.

The spoons are carved from a single piece of sustainably sourced olive wood. Care: hand wash in warm water, dry, and occasionally condition with olive oil. Measures 12"L x 3.5"W x 1"H.

About the Artisans:

We work with representatives of Kamba artists in Kenya to obtain these hand-carved works of beauty derived from the olive wood tree. The artisans benefit greatly from the sale of their works, with marked improvements being seen for the individual, their families, and their community.


Kenyan artisans transform cow bone into eye-catching earrings shaped like hair picks. The distressed gray dye is echoed in a rounded disc and teardrop bead, divided by flat black plastic discs.

Sold singly. Because these are handmade goods, each pair of earrings may vary slightly.

Dimensions: 0.75"W x 4"H

Crafted from: Cow bone, dye, earring wires

Made in: Kenya

About the Artisans:

Talented Kenyan artisans take advantage of the natural and recycled materials available to them, including cow bone, to craft amazing jewelry. Bone is sanitized and carved into gorgeous shapes.


Slip on this comfy cuff and feel instantly stylish! The cuff bracelet is made from up to 32 hand-sanded, batik-dyed cow bone beads that are attached by 4 pieces of hand-etched wood spacers. Small trade beads add contrast and contribute to a more comfortable fit.

Kenyans artisans collect discarded cow bones from local butcheries and give them new life as beautiful adornments. The cow bone is smooth and the dye is permanent. No animals were harmed in the making of this bracelet.

One size fits most. Measures 2" from top to bottom. Due to the handmade nature of this item, slight variation is expected.

About the Artisans:

Kenyans love roasted meat, be it beef, chicken or goat, and some Kenyan nomadic societies center life around the ownership of cattle. Kenyan butchers are happy to have eager hands to take useless bones off their hands, so they sell these unexpected craft materials to artisans for a small pittance. Talented Kenyan craftspeople utilize cow bones to create bold adornments that beautifully represent the nation's appreciation for cattle.

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