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Ghanaian Hand Fans

Stay cool with this array of artfully crafted, fair trade fans!




Talented basket weavers in Ghana's northern region weave this beautiful fan from thick, tough elephant grass. Featuring a beautiful handwoven pattern, this fan is beautiful when keeping cool... or hung as wall art. Patterns will vary, as each piece is a unique, handmade work of art.

Measures 11"W x 18"T. Due to the handmade nature of this item, size and shape may vary slightly. Sold individually.

Ghanaian artisan weaving a grass fan.Handwoven grass fans from Ghana.


Ghanaian artisans create an indispensable addition to the purse in this beautiful folding hand fan. Styled from colorful wax cloth and coordinating leather, this richly hued Ghanaian fan can be folded and tucked away when not in use. When fully expanded, the fan not only creates a breeze, it also captures the eye with the bold prints of wax cloth.

Measures 10"L x 1"W x 14"T when expanded. Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, it may vary.

About the Artisans:

These vibrant fans are handcrafted by Ghanaian artisans in Accra and Bolgatanga using ankara cloth, wooden sticks, glue and leather. Iconic in Ghana, this style of fan is easy to spot in shops in a variety of vivid patterns and colors.

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