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A Video of the Making of Magazine Beads

We are proud to carry products by Dorcus Beads, a small co-op of Kenyan women who handcraft "magazine beads" using discarded magazines and promotional materials. This excellent video shows the many processes involved in the making of a magazine bead, starting with the cutting of thin strips of paper to the creative construction of the finished product. 

You'll find several of these extremely eco-friendly products on our site under the Jewelry and Fashion page. One of our best sellers is the Magazine Bead Coil Bracelet. You'll also be pleased to know that these special women donate all of their proceeds to community betterment. The beads are truly beautiful on multiple levels!

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Munmun Nishi
Munmun Nishi

June 21, 2014

Excellent Video!
I also like your video.
thanks a lot for sharing this article.
Munmun Nishi

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