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Zanzibara 7: Sikinde Vs Ndekule by International Orchestra Safari Sound

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  • One of Tanzania’s most epic band battles between the Mlimani Park Orchestra (MPO) and International Orchestra Safari Sound (IOSS) is captured on this rare album. Song after song, the creative competitiveness between both bands displays both immense talent and passion. Released in 2013, the songs were recorded between 1984 and 1987.

    The many players and instruments on these tracks result in a layered sound that blends guitar rhythms with some fuller horn passages and vocal choruses that touch on the political movements of the era. As always with Zanzibara releases, the notes are excellent and really help situate the larger cultural context of the music.

  • Track List:

    1. Mtoto Akililia Wembe
    2. Usilipuke Kucheka
    3. Mume Wangu Jerry
    4. Sauda
    5. Chatu Mkali
    6. Homa Imenizidia
    7. Neema
    8. Majuto
    9. Chenga Ya Mwili
    10. Sosy
    11. Conjesta

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