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Village Choir Sandalwood Sculpture

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  • Carved from a single piece of sandalwood trunk by a master Mozambican woodworker, this 21.5" H sculpture features ten slender figures with traditionally styled faces and head scarves.

    The polished sandalwood sculpture incorporates the tree's bark as a central element of the artwork and reveals the artist's appreciation for this prized natural resource.

    Sandalwood shines as an artistic medium with its impressive marbling and natural fragrance, contributing to the unique African feel of the sculpture and its symbolism of unity. Measures 21.5" H x 12" L x 5" W.

  • This sculpture is the work of a woodworking master named Sergio in collaboration with GreenArte, a diverse pool of Mozambican wood carvers who specialize in creating artwork from sustainably sourced woods. Like many Mozambique artists, Sergio did not have any formal art training, but his natural talent and careful techniques have made his work some of the most sought-after art in South Africa.

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