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Two Snakes Antique Yoruba Divination Bag Wall Art

Swahili Modern


  • This stunning beaded Yoruba divination bag (apo Ifa), used by a Nigerian diviner (babalawo) to carry ritual accessories and tools, makes a very distinctive art piece for the home. Normally depicting faces of Ifa, the god associated with wisdom, knowledge and divination, this antique bag features a fold over flap with a beaded handle.

    Measures 16"L x 1"W x 18"T (bag body), 36"T (from apex of handle to bottom of bag).

  • The Yoruba in Nigeria have traditionally turned to a babalawo (diviner) when seeking advice or faced with an illness. The bag for Ifa (apo ifa), used by babalawos to carry their set of sixteen kola nuts (ikin), divining chains (opele), other ritual accessories, and worn in public ceremonies, feature brilliant adornment that is not merely decorative but constitutes a commentary on their vocation through its materials and color scheme.

Vendor: Swahili Modern

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