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Original African Shona Stone Sculptures

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  • African shona stone sculpture is prized in museums and galleries worldwide and has been praised by Newsweek as "perhaps the most important new art form to emerge from Africa this century."

    Shona sculptors quarry their own stone and carve it using only hand tools. Their designs are derived by nature and call upon tribal and spiritual traditions.

    The pictured sculpture is $145, though prices may vary. Other sculptures with price tags are also shown. To request more photos, please email us at

  • Carving since 1993, Crispen Salt apprenticed under the direction of two master shona carvers with 20 years experience each. "If I see a fun thing or a picture, I try to bring it into stone. I use my imagination to make my work more fantastic," says Crispen, "so more people will like it."

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