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Two Children's African
Spin Drums

  • Nurture a love of music with these fair trade, hand-painted spin drums from Kenya.

    Sold as a pair, these traditional spin drums are crafted from goat hide, wood, and plastic. The drums are hand-painted on both back and front with giraffes. The large spin drum measures 12"L x 4"W and the medium spin drum measures 9"L x 3"W.

    The spin drums make a memorable gift and are a unique addition for any nursery.

  • We work with Kenyan artisans who have life-long training in the making of traditional African instruments such as hand drums and spin drums. The artisans craft each instrument from sustainably sourced wood and scraps of goat skin. After each instrument is constructed, Nairobi artists hand-paint the instruments, making each one-of-a-kind.

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