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Set of Three Blackwood and Bone Tasting Spoons

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  • Three bold tasting spoons hand carved from exotic blackwood, also called mpingo, and finished with a dyed cow bone handle. Handcrafted in Kenya. Each server is finished with a batik-dyed bone handle for added beauty (batik pattern will vary).

    The mpingo wood used for these servers is sustainably harvested in collaboration with conservation groups in Kenya.

    Size: 6"L x 1"W. Hand wash in warm water, dry promptly, and rub with oil before storage.

  • We work with representatives of Kamba artists in Kenya to obtain these hand-carved works of beauty derived from the mpingo tree, also known as African Blackwood. The artisans benefit greatly from the sale of their works, with marked improvements being seen for the individual, their families, and the community.

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