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Zoma Zoma by Charles Kely

Swahili Modern


  • Kely's warm and colorful Zoma Zoma entices the listener on a musical journey through the Indian Ocean, South America, and Africa. The musicality of this album owes much to Charles Kely's unique guitar playing style, his vocals, and the rich range of his musicians: Emile Biayenda, percussionist (Drums of Brazza), Julio Rakotonanahary, bassist (Susheela Raman, Raul Paz) and Alain Debiossat, saxophonist (Sixun).

    Born in Madagascar, Charles Kely's fast fingerwork has been described as "brilliant" and his style "the perfect synthesis of Africa and jazz." With the success of Zoma Zoma, Kely is focusing on his solo career and developing his signature sound music that blends bossa, jazz, blues, funk and subtle African influences. Expect great things from this talented artist!

  • Track List:

    1. Zoma Zoma
    2. Malaky Bagdad
    3. Fety
    4. Tsofy Rano Zay Nomena
    5. Rabekijana
    6. Ho Any An-tanana
    7. Travelling By Lokomotiva
    8. Lasa Ianao Nandeha
    9. Vola No Lasany (Ketraka Lava)
    10. 4'Mi
    11. Fahatsiarovana
    12. Ozona

Vendor: Swahili Modern

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