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Rising Sun Ornament, Made by Burundian & Congolese Refugees - UN Refugee Agency


Made51: Crafted by Refugees
From the UN Refugee Agency
  • Crafted by Burundian and Congolese women living in Rwanda, this sweetgrass basket is handwoven using a time-honoured weaving technique. The design represents the additional strength and persistence needed to rise again after being forced from home.

    Each ornament is individually packaged and ready for gift-giving in a MADE51 box, complete with an artisan story card.

    Size: 3"

    Materials: Natural grass with light blue and red accent colours.

    Note: These products are handmade and there will be slight variations in shape, size, and color.

  • “Part of my responsibility as an empowered woman is to empower other people to do the right thing. I believe in giving others what you have been given.” - Spés Kaneza, Artisan group leader in Mahama camp, Rwanda

    MADE51 is a global initiative brought to life by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Each ornament in the MADE51 Holiday Collection tells a story about the cultural heritage of its maker. These beautiful crafts are windows into the diversity and talent of refugee artisans around the world. They fill homes with meaning, as symbols of solidarity, empowerment and hope.

    Alina, 30, is a mother of three who fled her home in Burundi and walked for two days before reaching Mahama camp in Rwanda. Here she works alongside other women, weaving at the co-op. Photo  (c) UNHCR.

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