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Framed Recycled Rooster Art

  • This eco-friendly artwork is handcrafted from strips of recycled foodstuff cans. Carefully cut strips of aluminum are chosen for their vibrant color and pinned to a metal backboard. The frame is also handmade using recycled metal.

    Measuring over two feet tall at 28" H x 23" W, this one-of-a-kind artwork brightens up your home while also showing your support for fair trade.

    Labels and colors will vary. The back of the frame is plywood. Hanging wire included. Additional shipping may apply.

  • Located in the heart of Dakar, Senegal, Malick Mbaye creates colorful, imaginative art using recycled coffee, tomato, sardine, pop, and beer cans. Mbaye does more than make art: he and his mentor also teach many underprivileged, young men how to make a living from learning a craft. Mbaye's art is always in demand and is recognized for its unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship.

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