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Recycled African Plastic Handbag with Leather Strap

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  • These colorful handmade African handbags look great on your shoulder while also showing your support for fair trade and the global recycling movement.

    Each handbag is hand-woven from a material called plarn, which means "plastic yarn." Kenyan women have been making plarn for decades and are skilled at creating fine, durable weaves.

    The 11"H x 12"D handbags are finished with leather binding around the top edge and your choice of leather shoulder strap. 

  • Located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Bay Handicrafts is workshop that creates apparel, soapstone, wooden, and ceramic crafts using recycled materials. This outstanding organization is led by Bosma Khakali and is known for helping to transform untrained Kenyans into accomplished artisans who can make a living wage from their products.

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