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Recycled Spring & Soda Can Table

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  • A great example of functional art from Senegal, this handcrafted side table adds personality to your living space with its colorful tabletop and unique design. Each table sits on a thick coil and metal base that are created from salvaged automotive suspension springs. The tabletop is covered with flattened aluminum cans from Senegal's most popular beers and sodas.

    Each table features a different array of recycled cans, so no two tables are the same! Measures 10" W x 19" T.

  • Located in the heart of Dakar, Senegal, Malick Mbaye and his partner Jacque produce amazingly creative sculptures using recycled aluminum and tin from coffee, tomato, sardine, pop and beer cans. Their work is praised for its attention to detail and whimsical design.

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