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Plum Oval Storage Table Basket

Swahili Modern


  • Hand woven in rural Senegal with natural grasses and thin strips of plastic from the local prayer mat factory, this plum basket will brighten any room and be a useful addition anywhere cheery color is desired. These simple and modern baskets are a stylish and practical way to store everyday items in every room of the house. In a kitchen they can hold fruits, vegetables and breads. In a bathroom they could stash towels, hair brushes, and toiletries. On a shelf or dresser, they can keep small accessories within reach. They also look great atop a bookshelf or cabinet. They're ethical, sustainable, and minimalist-approved!

    The Wolof technique of wrapping natural fibers with plastic cord and then coiling the long strands together makes these baskets ultra-durable and resistant to heat or moisture damage.

    Measures 14"L x 12"W x 4"T; size may vary slightly. Fair trade.

  • Since 2008, Swahili has worked with a group of talented Wolof weavers in remote Senegal to provide hampers and baskets woven from salvaged plastic strips and cattail stalks to stores around the world. First introduced by the Peace Corps, Swahili and more than 120 Wolof women prove that cooperative, home-based craft export is an excellent way for rural women to earn the fair trade incomes that build healthy communities.


Vendor: Swahili Modern

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