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Nothing Can Stop Us by Cornell Campbell Meets Soothsayer

  • Nothing Can Stop Us is an exploration into Afrobreat with the London-based collective, the Soothsayers. Cornell's voice is as warm and soulful as ever on this record, and it's clear that the Soothsayers have tremendous respect for Campbell and his history. Each song is simply a phenomenal performance and an experience of pure roots enjoyment.

    This is a soulful, lighter side to Cornell, and his lyrics are messages of peace and guidance. Met with great critical acclaim, this album will be on repeat in your personal collection for months to come.

  • Track List:

    1. Nothing Can Stop Us
    2. Conqueror
    3. I'll Never Leave
    4. It's Not For Me
    5. Ode To Joy (Babylon Can't Control I)
    6. We Want to Be Free
    7. Good Direction
    8. Never Give Up
    9. There's a Fire
    10. Jah Jah Me No Born Yah

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