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Traditional Mozambican
Fragrant Sandalwood
Mystique Tray

  • This hand-carved African tray displays the rich grain and rough outer bark of Mozambican sandalwood.

    Artisans create these fragrant trays through a process of hand-carving and hand-sanding. Each tray is a functional work of art that honors the sandalwood tree and traditional carving style of Mozambique.

    Measures 16"L x 5"W x 0.25"T; size and shape may vary slightly.

  • Mabanda is a wood carving artist from Mozambique who works and resides in a carver community. He was born into a family heritage of carving, which has helped him to become one of Mozambique's most talented woodcarving artists. Mabanda has a workshop on his home plot and frequently works with his brothers, Sergio and Santinho.