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Menina Bonita Sandalwood Sculpture

Swahili Modern


  • Our Menina Bonita sculpture (Portuguese for pretty girl) is hand carved from beautifully grained sandalwood by artisans in Mozambique.

    Designs incorporate the rough inner bark of the sandalwood tree to give each sculpture individuality. This also allows more of the tree to be utilized. A colorfully patterned piece of fabric creates a head wrap and adds contrast to the natural tones of the wood.

    Measures 4"L X 2"W X 15"T. Scarves and measurements may vary due to the handmade nature of this product.

  • GreenArte is a talented and diverse pool of Mozambican wood carvers who specialize in creating figures, boxes, dishes and jewelry from sustainably sourced mpingo, sandalwood, pau ferro and cimbirre. Their focus is on using environmentally-sound materials and furthering artistic advancement in Mozambique.


Vendor: Swahili Modern

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