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Medium One-of-a-Kind Zulu Basket


  • These intricate one-of-a-kind Zulu baskets are handcrafted in South Africa using Ilala palm, and banana bark. Featuring a fitted lid and beautiful pattern, each is unique and artfully crafted. 

    Only one available. Measures 8" D x 13.5" T.

  • These gorgeous baskets are handwoven by the Zulu tribe in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Woven primarily by women, Zulu baskets provide a reliable source of income for artisans and their families. Handwoven using materials including Ilala palm and ncebe (or Banana bark), the intricate weave and patterning of the baskets make them both durable and beautiful. Colors are created by boiling natural materials including roots, leaves, berries and bark, and often vary seasonally. A single one-of-a-kind basket can take up to one month to produce, and truly is a work of art.

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