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Boubacar Traore by
Mali Denhou

  • A legend in Mali since his groundbreaking hits of the 1960s, Boubacar Traoré credits his time in the countryside for the songs on Mali Denhou. His first studio album in over six years, Mali Denhou radiates with the warmth and intimacy of the Malian farmlands, as if it were recorded on location amongst the fields and shade trees.

    Traoré asked his longtime friend, the nimble French harmonica player Vincent Bucher, play with him on the album. Together, they create unexpected rhythms, pensive melodies, and atmospheric arcs of cascading guitar and subdued vocals. It's a masterpiece from one of Mali's most enduring musicians.

  • Track List:

    1. M'Badehou
    2. Dundobesse M'Bedouniato
    3. Mondeou
    4. Mali Denhou
    5. Minuit
    6. Farafina Lolo Lora
    7. Djougouya Niagnini
    8. N'Dianamogo
    9. Fama
    10. Kankan Baro
    11. Mali Tchebaou

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