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Limited Edition Obeche
Serving Tray

  • Sanded and smoothed to a buttery finish, this stunning. 23" serving tray is the product of talented Haitian woodworker Einstein Albert and his co-op of artisans. Each tray is hand-carved using wood from the native obeche, a fast-growing and sustainable plantation tree. Several applications of stain bring out the rich coloration and beauty of the wood.

    The tray can be used to serve food, though you may find that the tray is best used as a display piece in your dining room or kitchen. Measures 23" long, 12" wide, 1" tall.

  • Einstein Albert heads one of Haiti's most successful artisan coalitions. Following in his father's footsteps, Albert grows sustainable grommier trees that mature in just 7 years. Albert teaches and oversees disabled and/or disadvantaged artisans from over 300 families create some of the world's most coveted kitchenware and jewelry using the wood of the grommier tree.

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