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Limited Edition Metallic 8 Lady Ceramic Ubuntu Bowl

Swahili Modern


  • This metallic Ubuntu bowl features 8 women holding hands around the rim in a spirit of unity, wearing traditional African headscarves with their babies on their backs. In Africa, the definition of an individual is community-based, thus the word Ubuntu represents “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.”

    This bowl is limited edition, only two are available. Size: 8”T x 11”D.

  • The South African Zizamele Ceramics, founded in 2008 by Toni Burton who taught ceramics skills at a local college, creates highly sought after and collectable ceramic pieces that can be found all around the world and is increasingly exporting to international stores and galleries. Members of Zizamele have their own ceramic specialty developed after Toni taught an 18-month long job creation course in craft production.  

Vendor: Swahili Modern

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