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Assorted African Bolga Baskets

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  • Artisans in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana weave these useful baskets from durable elephant grass and wrap the handle with soft goat skin.

    We've been importing bolga baskets for over 20 years and work with some of the most talented weavers in Ghana. Our baskets are of excellent quality and will remain functional and beautiful for years. Designs will vary. Measures 15"D x 15"T.

  • The weaving of "market baskets" in Ghana has been a traditional skill for many generations. Because the soil around Bolgatanga is not fertile enough to sustain agriculture, the people of the region rely upon handicraft products to supplement their income. The Bolga baskets sold by Swahili Modern are Fair Trade and are a reliable source of income for women weavers and their families.

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