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Kenyan Braided Silver Cuff with Red Beads

Swahili Modern


  • Kenyan artisans expertly braid silver wire with red beads to create this classic bracelet. The ends are finished with a lovely knot that makes sliding the bracelet on and off very comfortable.

    Measures 0.5"W x 3"D (7" from end to end). One size fits most.

  • David Kariuki grew up in Nyeri, Kenya, in the beautiful central highlands. After studying business administration at the Kenya Institute of Management, David founded Damacrafts in Nairobi, Kenya. He and a small group of artisans create beautiful handcrafted jewelry and crafts for both local sale and export. The group specializes in twisted wire designs, hammered metal and beadwork. He sells in the local markets and exports directly to buyers around the world.

Vendor: Swahili Modern

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