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Handmade Kinara & Menorah Sculptures

  • These unique kinara and menorah sculptures are handmade by talented African artisans using recycled metal.

    The menorah is a nine-branch candleholder used during the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah. The kinara candleholder--Mishumaa Saba--is one symbol of the seven-day holiday of Kwanzaa, held from December 26 through January 1.

    Kinara measures 14"L x 2"W x 9"T. Menorah measures 20"L x 3"W x 9"T. Candles are not included.

  • A small workshop of artisans outside of Nairobi collect and transform discarded metal into spectacular works of art. Welders by trade, these talented men use modern machinery to create representations of old world Africa. Other local materials are often used in their sculptures, including bone, stones, and fabric.

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