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Hand-Carved Ghanaian Seamstress

  • Standing at over 2.5' tall, this stunning sculpture is carved, polished, and hand-painted in Ghana. The sculpture features impeccable detailing, such as the fine ridges in the seamstress' hair, and a unique style of painting that contributes shine and texture.

    The sculpture makes a wonderful addition to any collection of international art, as well as a remarkable gift for a seamstress or tailor.

    Measures 31.5" T x 10.5"W x 13"L and is shipped on a pallet. Fair Trade. Please visit our Shipping Page for more info.

  • Ghana is among Africa’s leading nations for the sustainable growth and harvesting of hardwoods for the furniture, musical instruments, and art. With large, carefully managed wood plantations dedicated to producing for these high-volume industries, Ghana’s natural forests are now at a lowered risk of deforestation.

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