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Black Matte Fulani Vessel from Ghana

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  • Coveted for its unique matte finish, this limited edition vessel is created using old-world, open-fire techniques that are only practiced in remote regions of Ghana. The 9" T x 8 W ceramic vessel features an ornamental lid that is styled after traditional Fulani earrings worn by women in Ghana and Mali.

    These Fair Trade, one-of-a-kind vessels are created by a Ghanaian collective of women who are dedicated to reviving the art of Fulani pottery and innovating designs for the modern home.

  • Kpando Pottery is a group of 35 Ghanaian women who operate on the outskirts of Kpando is a small cinderblock building known as Kpando Pottery Fesi Shed. The women of the group, many of which are single mothers, are empowered to gain an income through their own creativity, so their world becomes more beautiful with every vase, plate, or animal sculpture they create.

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