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Baro by Habib Koite & Bamada

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  • Habib Koite's third album showcases his immense talent and soothing, rhythmic songwriting.

    Koite writes and sings from his heart and soul. This CD consists of all original compositions and songs written by the artist. The music is played on both modern and traditional instruments, making it very authentic.

  • Track List:

    1. Batoumambe
    2. Kanawa
    3. Wari
    4. Sin Djen Djen
    5. Cigarette Abana
    6. Woulaba
    7. Baro
    8. Sambara
    9. Roma
    10. Tere
    11. Mali Sadiro
    12. Takamba
    13. Sinama Dehw

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