Donate to our Artisan Relief Fund, creating small grants going directly to African artisans in need.

Artisan Relief Fund

In response to the challenges our partners in Africa are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Swahili Modern is contributing $10,000 to create an Artisan Relief Fund. We are giving small grants directly to artisans and small artisan groups to help those in need.

By making a donation to the Artisan Relief Fund, you can provide additional support to hardworking men and women in nations across Africa. 100% of donations go directly to artisans in need, in addition to our own contribution.

Donations range in amount from $5.00-$100.00. Make your selection below!

How can these grants help?

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting life for people around the world. Stores have closed their doors in response to public safety mandates, billions of people are taking shelter at home, and nations have slowed the flow of products through their borders and ports. Read below to learn how the pandemic has affected the operations of our partners in Africa, and how the grants can help. 

How has the pandemic affected your family? 

"Shortage of funds for food, to support my children and to cover other essential expenses which makes us merely survive on the small money we get." -Belita from Kitui, Kenya, Sisal Weaving

"The situation is wanting, at the moment we are forced to have one meal in a day, in order to be able to support our parents who rely on us." - Richard from Kisii District, Kenya, Soapstone Sculpture

"Very badly since this was our only source of living. I have two children in universities and the last born in secondary school, but are learning online, which is very costly." - Lucas from Nairobi, Kenya, Wooden Serveware 

"Due to the government orders “stay at home” I and my family went back to the village, where our lives have changed. I am unable to provide for the basic needs." - Richard from Nairobi, Kenya, Wood Carving

How will you utilize the relief grant?

"To buy food, masks, sanitizers for the weavers and give them some amount to support their very essential expenses. Before the pandemic struck, the funds we received from your orders had assisted many of the weavers to be able to support their families, pay for fees for their children, provide food for their children and cover other necessary expenses." - Belita from Kitui, Kenya, Sisal Weaving

"All of us will be very happy and appreciate for the grant, because it will keep us surviving. All artisans in my team, mostly relied on Swahili orders to meet their daily needs like, food, school fee and medication." - Richard from Kisii District, Kenya, Soapstone Sculpture

"At the moment I will use it this time to stock heavily and probably if the funds allow me I put another small different business which I might name it Swahili Enterprise." - Lucas from Nairobi, Kenya, Wooden Serveware

"I will help my artisans to provide for their families and my family too." - Richard from Nairobi, Kenya, Wood Carving

Artisan Images in Order of Appearance: 1) sisal artisans from Kitui, Kenya 2) soapstone artisan from Kisii District, Kenya 3) wood serveware artisan from Nairobi, Kenya 4) wood carving artisan from Nairobi, Kenya.

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