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Alafia by Sidi Touré

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  • Malian-born Sidi Touré is an inspirational musician who is quickly gaining fame in the international music scene. On Alafia, his third release, Touré melds blues and Songhai folk traditions to create his own unique style. Lush, female vocals and accessible rhythms make this album enjoyable from start to finish.

    The winner of two Malian national awards for best singer, Touré led Gao’s regional orchestra, The Songhaï Stars, and, in 2011, he released Sahel Folk, his debut album for Thrill Jockey, and he toured North America for the first time. Alafia was recorded during a time of political strife for Mali and the album mirrors the dramatic nature of the situation while maintaining a hopeful, upbeat vibe.

  • Track List:

    1. Ay Hôra : My Dance
    2. Ay Takamba : My Takamba
    3. L’eau : The Water
    4. Waayey : The Butcher
    5. La Paix : Peace
    6. Gandyey : The Spirits
    7. Annour El Sahel : The Light of Sahel
    8. Les Médicaments de la Rue : Street Medicines
    9. Mali
    10. Ir Wangarey : The Army
    11. Boro Ganda : My Land

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