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African Symbol Animal Sculptures

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  • Hand-carved from soapstone in Western Africa, these colorful sculptures feature symbolic line drawings against a smooth body, contrasted by a textured mane.

    Also available are RHINOS, GIRAFFES, ELEPHANTS, and HIPPOS.

    Each sculpture is dyed with food-safe dyes and is one-of-kind. Measures 6"L x 1.25"W x 3"T. Designs will vary slightly. Fair trade.

  • At the Ndima Crafts' finishing shop in Nairobi’s industrial district, roughly a dozen artisans of varied ethnicity bring raw soapstone to life by using non-toxic synthetic dyes under the leadership of Charles Ndibe. Charle's exacting standards of quality and friendly demeanor make him one of Swahili Modern's most reliable vendors.


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