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African Mudcloth & Leather Bag

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  • Malian artisans combine handmade mudcloth fabric with soft, black leather to create these large totes that radiate with modern African style.

    The mudcloth is hand-dyed, with each line and shape being painted individually. The totes feature a patterned cotton lining, inner and outer zipper pockets, and tailored straps. Each is one-of-a-kind. Measures 14.5"W x 15"T (24" from top to bottom).

  • Mali Chic is a collaboration of 195 African artisans that sells its products through a boutique in Bamako and through international exports. Artisans work from home, in their own workshops or on-site at Mali Chic, and child labor is never used. Mali Chic provides artisans with 50% advances on all orders and pay a fair price for their products.

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