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African Lullaby

  • African Lullaby is a soothing collection of songs warmed by Africa's rich musical heritage. Beautiful, soft, and unique, the 14 tracks include traditional instruments such as the kora, mbira, balaphone, dundun, bamboo flute, talking drum, and guitar heighten. Though sung in native tongue, the lyrics reflect the folklore and family life of the many African countries from which these songs originate.

    When you put this CD on, you create an instant atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. It is a favorite album of children of all ages (and parents, too!), and is truly an effective tool in helping toddlers fall peacefully to sleep while being exposed to international sounds.

  • Disc 1:

    1. Thula Mtwana
    2. Omo
    3. Kounandi Deni
    4. Mayo Mpapa
    5. Nyandolo
    6. Ayo Nene Touti
    7. Thula Thula
    8. Webake
    9. Oluronbi
    10. Diriyo Nakana
    11. Diyore
    12. Sigalagala
    13. Tesegu
    14. Chitsidzo