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Your Purchase Matters

When you buy fair trade, your spending dollars really do make a difference!

Here are the top 10 ways that  

1) The sale of every product on this site directly benefits artisans in Africa, who use the funds to raise healthy families, improve their living conditions, and better their community. 

2) Our artisans often live in arid or impoverished areas. The ability to sell their goods to a global market 


We visit each artisans in over 12 African nations


Many of the artisans work from the comfort of their own home or in large, joyful groups like the one you see pictured. There are no factories involved in the products you see on this site. Instead, the artisans we represent are happy and well-compensated, and we feel great about it!

We appreciate your support so much and hope that you check back frequently to see our latest Fair Trade items made from happy hands from all across Africa.