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Fair Trade Products from Africa

Join us in supporting many talented artisans in Africa through fair trade! Swahili Modern helps African men and women to sell their goods to a Western market, and we are proud to pay every artisan a living wage.

The effects of fair trade can be seen at both the family and the community level, starting with the health of a child to the improvement of education and infrastructure in villages. Fair trade strengthens the entire world by bonding us together in a desire to help one another and to make conscious decisions in our daily lives, whether shopping for clothes or choosing your morning coffee.

Swahili Modern is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and the Partners in African Prosperity program. We support fair trade craftspeople in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Mozambique, Mali, Senegal, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

We've been traveling and importing from Africa for over 20 years and our goal is to continue to spread the wealth and happiness that fair trade brings to as many African artisans as possible. We appreciate your support and welcome your feedback.

Please find below some fair trade images that we find to be inspirational!