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One of a Kind & Limited Edition Decor

From elegant lost wax bronze figures, to unique stone sculpture, to hand-carved wall decor, this collection contains one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces, handcrafted by artisans in Africa.



These one-of-a-kind large, authentic masks are carved in Burkina Faso, where they are used for agricultural ceremonies that promote a healthy harvest.

The mask is affixed to the wearer's head with raffia through the holes on the bottom of the mask, and the rest of the head is generally covered by raffia. The chameleon is often used in ceremonies as it is believed to have magical powers and is held in high regard.

Small Chameleon Mask - 28"L x 7.5"T x 5"W. Large Chameleon Mask - 32"L x 8.5"T x 6.5"W

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