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Beaded Recycled Wire Baobab Tree

Swahili Modern


  • These pieces of handmade folk art portray trees in shiny recycled wire strung with colorful resin beads. These modern African sculptures portray the incredible width of the baobab trunk and its many top branches.

    Handmade in Kenya using metallic wire by the talented artisan Wanduta, each tree has malleable branches so that you can adjust the its final form. 

    Size: [Small] 7"T x 4"D [Large] 12"T x 5"D.

  • We met Wanduta at the Friday Market in Nairobi where his bright designs immediately caught our eye. Wanduta works almost exclusively with recycled pop cans and beads. His work, like his personality, is vibrant and joyful, and is work is 100% eco-friendly.

Vendor: Swahili Modern

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