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Handbags and Totes

Spacious Russet Brown Sisal Tote

Swahili Modern


  • These durable, striped totes are handcrafted using fibers from the agave sisalana plant that grows in arid regions of Kenya. The handles are wrapped with soft leather for comfort.

    Tightly woven by African artisans, the totes are designed to last for years to come. Each tote measures 24"H, including handles.

  • In the rural Kenyan countryside around the city of Kitui, women specialize in weaving the tough fibers of the agave sisalana plant. Sisal's spiky leaf clusters erupt from a dry landscape and often requires long journeys to gather. Once woven, these womens' totes are sold to local and international markets. Singing, dancing, and chatting make weaving for export an enjoyable social event!

Vendor: Swahili Modern

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