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Handwoven African Hampers

Shop our incomparable selection of African hamper baskets, handwoven by talented artisans in Senegal, Kenya, and Ghana.




Wolof women in the West African nation of Senegal hand-weave baskets in the traditional coil weaving method, using natural grass. Interweaving colorful strips of plastic, salvaged from a mat factory in Dakar, the weavers brighten up the baskets and create designs.

Cattails grow abundantly in rural Senegal, making this natural grass a sustainable choice. The Wolof women earn a sustainable income from basket weaving, while enriching homes around the world with modern African craftsmanship.

This amply-sized laundry hamper basket features braided plastic handles and a snug-fitting removable lid.

Measures approximately 26-28" tall by 16" wide.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, some variation is expected. Read our Statement on Handmade Variation to learn more. Fair trade.



This set of three nesting baskets creates beautiful storage in any space. Handcrafted by skilled Senegalese weavers using plastic strips woven onto dried cattail stalks. Includes braided handles and a fitted lid.

Large measures 19"W x 12"T and features inset handles. Medium measures 16"W x 8"T and has no handles. Small measures 11"W x 5.5"T and features a loop on the lid.

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