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Modern Twirled Brass Fulani Earrings

Swahili Modern


  • Handmade in Mali, these twirled brass earrings are a modern interpretation of the fulani earrings of the people, who wore large gold earrings as a display of wealth.

    The earrings are handcrafted from hammered brass, making them lighter than gold and more affordable. The twisting of the brass adds dimension and dramatic shine.

    [L] 1.75"L x 0.75"W [M] 1.25"L x 0.5"W [S] 1"L x 0.5"W. Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary slightly.

  • Mali Chic is a collaboration of 195 artisans that sells its products through a boutique in Bamako and through international exports. Artisans work from home, in their own workshops or on-site at Mali Chic, and child labor is never used. Mali Chic provides artisans with 50% advances on all orders and pay a fair price for their products.

Vendor: Swahili Modern

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