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Wooden Bowls & Trays

Our hand carved African wooden salad bowls, serving bowls, and trays bring the earthy beauty of all-natural serving pieces to the dining table.



Wood carvers in Zimbabwe transform beautifully grained mahogany into stunning wooden salad bowls. While the grain and coloration of mahogany can vary, every bowl is a showpiece.

Sold singly. Because these are handmade bowls crafted from wood, each will vary slightly.

Dimensions: 13-14"L x 13-14"W x 4"H (size may vary slightly)

Crafted from: Mahogany wood

Made in: Zimbabwe

About the Artisans:

African mahogany, or Khaya anthotheca, yields one of the most important woods in many parts of Africa. It is hard, works easily and has a handsome grain, making it a beautiful wood for carvers to create these stunning salad bowls .

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