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Bone Handled Bottle Openers - Two Styles

Swahili Modern


  • Kenyans artisans collect discarded cow bones from local ranches and give them new life as beautiful accessories.

    The cow bone used for these bottle openers has been boiled and polished. The patterned bone is created by using wax batik method that turns the bone to a rich brown-black hue. The un-dyed opener features a hand-carved swirl.

    Measures 5.25" L.

  • Kenyans love roasted meat, be it beef, chicken or goat, and some Kenyan nomadic societies center life around the ownership of cattle. Kenyan butchers are happy to have eager hands to take useless bones off their hands, so they sell these unexpected craft materials to artisans for a small pittance. Talented Kenyan craftspeople utilize cow bones to create bold adornments that beautifully represent the nation's appreciation for cattle.

Vendor: Swahili Modern

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