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Let our African barware collection  —coasters, bottle openers, wine stoppers, and more— enliven your entertaining and cooking.




Perfect for your favorite chef or baker, these indispensable bowls are wonderful for holding spices and ingredients while cooking. The bowls can also double for holding dips or household items. Each bowl is hand-carved from solid olive wood and rests easily in the hand.

The Kamba carvers who craft these bowls travel into the bush in groups for safety and set up a makeshift camp at the site of the felled tree. Together, the carvers sit down and rough in the basic carving for items on their respective orders. Having a variety of items to work on allows the carvers to better utilize the tree. From large items like these bowls down to small pieces like earrings, the carvers hew a collection of beautiful shapes.


To care for this natural serving piece, hand-wash in warm water and rub lightly with a coat of olive or food safe mineral oil to ensure years of use.


Large bowl measures 4"D x 2"T
Medium bowl measures 3"D x 1.5"T
Small bowl measures 2.5"D x 1.25"T

Made from: olive wood. 

About the Artisans:

We work with representatives of Kamba artists in Kenya to obtain these hand-carved works of beauty derived from the olive wood tree. The artisans benefit greatly from the sale of their works, with marked improvements being seen for the individual, their families, the community.

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