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African Instruments & Music

Two African Woven Straw Maraca Shakers

Swahili Modern


  • A favorite instrument of both children and adults, these handmade Ghanaian maracas are filled with beans and produce a unique, earthy rattle.

    The maracas are woven using stiff elephant grass that has been dyed in a rainbow of colors. Each is finished on the bottom with a calabash gourd base.

    Measures 3"D x 7"T; size may vary slightly. Colors are assorted.

  • Master weaver Tahiru owns a workshop in Bolga that is connected to his home. Having collaborated with high-end designers for a number of American companies, Tahiru is a skilled weaver who has taught both men and women to make baskets, accessories, and musical instruments of an exceptional quality. His generous spirit and talent has allowed many impoverished farmers in the area to attain a sustainable way of living.

Vendor: Swahili Modern

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